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"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."

Photos by Lauren Wood with  Mud & Magnolias

Photos by Lauren Wood with Mud & Magnolias


Though Laura chose nursing as a profession, her creative side has always found a way to be a part of her life. For years she pursued those ventures part-time, on the side, or just for fun: interior design, murals, flower arranging, watercolor painting, calligraphy. Anna grew up watching and learning these skills from her mother and showed an early interest in art and writing. When it was time for her to choose a major at Ole Miss, Laura encouraged Anna to bear her creative side in mind. She chose print journalism which allowed her to practice writing, photography, and graphic design. 

Upon returning to her hometown of Corinth after nearly seven years, Anna quickly realized her mother's talents were still in high demand. A floral, art, and decor business for special events in Corinth could be a creative venture for both mother and daughter, so they decided to make it official. Elizabeth Spencer Designs was born in May of 2017 borrowing both Anna and Laura's middle names, respectively. 

Several months later, Anna and Laura moved ESD into a studio loft space in downtown Corinth where they can paint, make flower arrangements, and host workshops.

They encourage you to click the button below and get in touch or swing by the loft and see what they're working on.

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